Thursday, 3 April 2008

REVIEW - 3L EZ Glue Runner

This morning I recieved my free sample to road test which is 3L's EZ glue tape runner. I was very excited as I am on a stash shopping ban so it was great to have something new to play with.

I was asked to consider 12 things when doing my review, so I will share those questions with you and my findings and then at the end I will give a general opinion on the product. 1) How often do you use adhesive? I use some form of adhesive almost every day.

2) What is the main type of adhesive you use? Most often I use a blend of 3 different adhesive, which are Glossy Accents, Herma and DSST (Double sided sticky tape).

3) What do you look for in an adhesive? 1st and formost it has to stick things lol and obviously for scrapping I want Acid and Lignin free. I also look for a permenant tape that is a little forgiving at first to allow for a margin of errors.

4) How easy is the product to remove from its packaging? Very easy, I do not like things that take half an hour to get into, so this was great.

5) Does the product appeal to you? (does it look good etc.) Yes it looks great. Nothing to flash but very smart, just how I like it.

6) How easy is the product to use? Very easy, it is nice to hold as well.

7) How well does the product perform? I found it worked very well, it seems strong and smooth and is great in waves.

8) Do you like this product? Yes

9) Do you consider it is good value for money? TBH no I don't, at £4.99. It is disposable so I think its a bit pricey, I would rather pay a bit more for a refillable version or less money for this disposable one.

10) Would you consider buying this product in the future? I would, I love the product but it would need to be cheaper I think.

11) What would make you more likely to buy this product in the future? A lower price

12) What would make you less likely to buy this product in the future? The currrent price

Ok so now for my chat with more about this product. I know in the questions I was negative about the price, HOWEVER, for me that is the only negative. From the packaging to the way it works is great. It is easy to hold, the tape glides on and as you can see in the picture below it is made up of of tiny strips of tape which makes it really versatile and it goes around corners, curves and scallops with ease which is a great help. If the price dropped by around £1 I would be a total convert and it would be my product of choice, it is even forgiving for a short time so long as you don't press it down straight away. I also like the fact (however nominal) that buying this product supports both Make a wish and Breast Cancer Charities.
So all in all a great product and well worth trying out. If you don't mind the price, then it is a must have for your tool tote.
Thanks for taking the time to read my review and if you have used this tape before or have any feedback on my review please do leave a comment.


Glee-scrap said...

I agree with your opinion that the disposable aspect of the Glue Runner is not good...we need to think about ALL the plasic cartridges ending up in land fills...and I think it is overpriced, too!
I use the Scotch brand ATG 714. I can go a long time without having to put in a refill tape roll. The down side is that where you put it is where it will be-no adjustment time. It really Sticks!

Very cute fish card,btw!

Mrs_Tiggy said...

I have bought this product in the past and used it. It was an OK product, but not as good as some of the other tape runners on the market. The only reason I bought it at the time was that I was all out of adhesive and couldn't get to a craft shop and saw this product in a stationary shop. It was NOT value for money.