Monday, 21 April 2008

After the crop.....

.... I went to meet Em in town and went back to hers for the weekend, EJ came home and we had a nice chilled evening.

Sunday Morning we went off to Jumping Jacks soft play and met up with some of Em's family I had never met.
Here is Logan having fun in the ball pit.
and EJ & Logan eating there Magic Stars, I am not sure why they are lying down, they seemed determind to be on some part of the soft play area even though they know they can eat inside it LOL.
Here is Rach, giving Logan a helping hand on his way up.
Here is Aunty Katherine, she was really nice and funny too.
And last but most certainly not least, here are Brandon and Nanny. Brandon is so full of energy and a lovely kid and Nanny is so funny. It was a really nice day.
When we got back Ethan put on his Power ranger Outfit so he could try out the Helmet I bought him, he look fabby bless him. Go Go POWER RANGERS.
Sadly I had to cut my weekend short, I wont go into details as it was a bit grim, but lets just say I was not very well. but I still had a great weekend. Hope you all did as well.


Inspiration Alley said...

Hope you're better now. sounds like you had a great weekend.

Tracey said...

Hope everythings OK hun, sounds like a fabby weekend.

Tracey xxx